New Releases - WW2 Artillery and our first tank!

Another week, another set of releases and this time it's a subject that has generated more correspondence, questions, demands and the odd threat than any other I can think of.   Yes, we've got the very first of our WW2 artillery models and the first of our projected line of vehicles.

The British kick off the party with a 6pdr and the ever-popular 25pdr;

And the Germans get the 88mm Flak shown earlier, a PAK40 and a 10.5 cm leFH 18:

Also in this bumper fun package comes the very first model in our planned range of vehicles for the period.  We're starting with the ever-popular Sherman MK1.

As you can see from these pictures, the detailing and proportion on the straight line models is outstanding.  That's because all of the patterns are designed using 3D modelling techniques rather than the traditional method of hand-built masters.  This enables us to produce finished models that remain consistent in scale and proportion.  It enables us to add wonderful levels of detail.    Above all, it now means that you get the very best in straight line models allied to consistently sized and well modelled and detailed infantry and crew.   A combination that has been sorely lacking over the years.  Finally there are all at very competitive prices, especially considering the quality of the end result.

You can find out more details if you click here.

I know that there's lots of you now wondering where the assorted Cromwells, PZIVs, Jeeps, Half tracks etc. are.   Well, the answer is that they are in various stages of production.  We'll shortly have another batch of models to go through the process, so all I can ask for is patience.    As many of you will know, once we start a project we keep going with it.

The best, as they say, is yet to come...