ORCS!! Meet my ladies Bloom and Mog. They've recently been given the paint over from Paul Cubbin and it's amazing to see them really brought to life.

These have been out a while but on a bit of a low down while I was waiting for the painted versions before I parade them around the internet.
Myself and sculptor Phil Hynes have been working on a band of female orcs that are simply "cool", and not comedy or gross, as seems to be a bit of a common pitfall for non-human ladies.

There are more in the process of being sculpted too to make a complete warband for any dungeon or frozen city... They're also splendid popped in as characters with other orcs, or mashed among a motley crew of humans, dwarves and whoever else puts their weapon on the pile to save the day. Heck, who else can see Mog and Lathgertha working back to back chopping through some ghouls? Meeee!

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