New Logo and New Miniatures from Bear’s Den Miniatures!

A lot of work continues to bring back Bear’s Den Miniatures. We obtained most of the miniature lines and rights to the name, but it has been a slow process to remaster and remold the ranges. Our plan is to release or re-release Bear’s Den codes each and every month until complete but this is going to take time. We thought in celebration of this work, we would also refresh the logo.

Hot on the heals of the Inuit re-release, and expansion, we have decided to release a new Bear’s Den range “Terror on the Tundra.” These 28mm figures, inspired by Inuit Myth and the deranged ramblings of snow-blinded European explorers gone mad will add an entirely new dimension to your games.

This is just the beginning of this awesome range that will allow you to terrorize an Inuit encampment or harry the most intrepid explorer in search of the NW passage. Watch this space for more updates.

Bear’s Den Miniatures are available exclusively from Badger Games.