At last, m'lord, Blücher has arrived on the field! Blücher is the latest of the HONOUR series. It is a tabletop game of large Napoleonic battles that can be played with miniatures, or with "unit cards" that you can purchase or make yourself using the free templates online.

The Blücher rulebook is a full-color 176-page hardback and sells for $40 in the USA. (Prices in other countries will vary.)

"The Hundred Days" is the first expansion set for Blücher: a set of 216 unit cards, commanders, and other useful things for all three armies of the 1815 campaign. Available for $29 in the USA. For the price of one box of miniatures, you can have three whole armies to put on the table in a few minutes!

Blücher includes the "Scharnhorst" campaign system and a DIY army creation system for fictional battles and club games.

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