1st Corps release British Airborne 6lb Anti Tank Gun

Now available is the latest addition to our 28mm WW2 British Airborne range.

WW2BP09 6lb Anti Tank Gun and 4 crew.
Retailing at £12.00

This is a metal kit and requires some assembly.

Other products in the range include
WW2BP01 British paras with rifles. (8 figures) £8.00
WW2BP02 British paras with sten guns (8 figs) £8.00
WW2BP03 British paras bren guns.(4 figures, 1 moving and 1 firing team) £5.00
WW2BP04 British paras with piats (4 figures, 1 moving and 1 firing team) £5.00
WW2BP05 British paras 2”mortars.(4 figures, 1 moving and 1 firing team) £5.00
WW2BP06 British para Command (4figs) £5.00
WW2BP07 British Para Vickers (4 figs) £6.00
WW2BP08British Para 3” mortar (4 figs) £6.00
WW2BP09 British para 6lbr AT and 4 crew £12.00

Airborne Jeeps £12.50
WW2Jeep01 Air landed jeep and 2 crew.
WW2Jeep02 Air landed jeep with canopy and 2 crew.
WW2Jeep03 Single Vickers air landed jeep and 2 crew.
WW2Jeep03 Twin Vickers air landed jeep and 2 crew.
WW2Jeep05 Air landed recce jeep with basket and 2 crew.
WW2Jeep06 Air landed command/radio jeep and 2 crew.
WW2Jeep07 Trailer £5.00

Coming soon
WW2BP10 British para Howitzer and 4 crew £12.00
WW2BP11a British para Snipers in Beret (2) £3.00
WW2BP11b British para Snipers in helmet (2) £3.00
WW2BP12 British para Flame Throwers (2) £3.00

WW2Jeep08 Artillery Jeep and 2 crew £12.50

Next shows.

Hammerhead, Sat 28th Feb, The George Stephenson Exhibition Hall at Newark Showground, NG24 2NY

WMMS, Sun 8th March, West Midlands Military Show, Aldrsley Leisure Village, Aldersley RD, Wolverhampton, WV6 9NW

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