1st Corps release British Airborne Howitzer


Now available is the latest addition to our 28mm WW2 British Airborne range.

Retailing at £12.00

This is a metal kit and requires some assembly.

Other products in the range include
WW2BP01 British paras with rifles. (8 figures) £8
WW2BP02 British paras with sten guns (8 figs) £8
WW2BP03 British paras bren guns.(4 figures, 1 moving and 1 firing team) £5
WW2BP04 British paras with piats (4 figures, 1 moving and 1 firing team) £5
WW2BP05 British paras 2”mortars.(4 figures, 1 moving and 1 firing team) £5
WW2BP06 British para Command (4figs) £5
WW2BP07 British Para Vickers (4 figs) £6
WW2BP09 British Airborne 6lbr and 4 crew £12
WW2BP10 British Airborne Howitzer and 4 crew £12

 Airborne Jeeps    £12.50

WW2Jeep01 Air landed jeep and 2 crew.
WW2Jeep02 Air landed jeep with canopy and 2 crew.
WW2Jeep03 Single Vickers air landed jeep and 2 crew.
WW2Jeep03 Twin Vickers air landed jeep and 2 crew.
WW2Jeep05 Air landed recce jeep with basket and 2 crew.
WW2Jeep06 Air landed command/radio jeep and 2 crew.
WW2Jeep07 Trailer £5

Coming soon
WW2BP11a British para Snipers in Beret (2) £3
WW2BP11b British para Snipers in helmet (2) £3
WW2BP12 British para Flame Throwers (2) £3
WW2Jeep08 Artillery Jeep and 2 crew £12.50

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