Cats, dogs and milky milky.

It’s all happening in the cow shed with Eureka Miniatures’ latest 28mm arrivals at Fighting 15s

Eureka’s fantastic milkmaids set came into stock just before Christmas, but such has been the pressure of fulfilling orders this festive season that it has only just been possible to sort the shipment and list the new releases in the Fighting 15s shop. The releases also include a set of four cats and a dog, and the redesigned British and German dogs for the Pax Limpopo range, plus the new Rex, Eden Hardlove’s faithful and somewhat steam-powered hound.

The releases, with codes and prices are as follows:

100CIV42 Milkmaids, cow and churn boy, GBP 10.25
100ANM10 Four cats and a dog, GBP 4.11
PAXP07A British dog (bulldog), GBP 1.10
PAXP07B German dog (dachshund), GBP 1.10
PAXP07D Rex, Eden Hardlove’s faithful hound, GBP 2.05

Prices include VAT at 20%. PAXP07A replaces the old Terrier type dog, and PAXP07B replaces the old Alsatian type dog.

All the releases are currently listed in the New Arrivals section of the shop.