Die Fighting II Available on DVD at Pre-­Pub Price!

Die Fighting II is a multimedia miniatures wargames rule kit covering the Horse and Musket era (1699-­‐1902). It is available on an enhanced DVD containing a one-­‐hour video explaining the rules with examples of play and explanatory graphics. The DVD also includes two complete slide shows, one a PDF and the other a Quicktime movie that cover the complete text of the rules in topic specific slides. They are both downloadable into any iPad or tablet for tableside reference.

The rules include printable PDF templates for the following: Linear warfare (1699-­‐ 1774); Wars of Revolution (1775-­‐1801); The Napoleonic wars (1801-­‐1815); The Wars of Transition (1861-­‐1871) which includes ACW and FPW, and The Colonial Period (1840-­‐1902). Also included are printable Phase Cards, Player Aids, Tables (only one is used on play!), and Designer Notes, including a bibliography .

The disc may be played on either Mac or PC, and is regionless, making it usable in any part of the world. The video and printable items are chaptered for quick access.
The video plays on any DVD player, although PDFs are only viewable on a computer.

Die Fighting II is a very innovative rule set using D6 dice of various colors in an original and unique manner. It has been developed over the last four years. It is scalable for any number of players and is fought to conclusion in four hours or less. Any mounting system or figure scale it may be used. It is the first, true, multimedia rules set using video, text, slideshows, as its format. You learn by observing and seeing, as well as reading.