A new mini-supplement is available with options to customize and tailor your games to your tastes.

These options are a mixture of ideas that were tested for various releases and never included officially, as well as brand new options for a new experience.

They're suitable for all FiveCore games and should be adaptable to Five Men at Kursk with minimal difficulty.

*Simplified turn sequence (for non-random turns)

*Bonus actions (A variant of the simplified turn sequence using the action dice to provide bonus actions)

*Careful aim (A new tactical option)

*Ambush (A new option when reacting to nearby movement)

*Terrain movement reduction (A more conventional terrain system)

*Action Point System (A new turn sequence allowing more fine-control over what your characters do each turn)

*Melee dice (Replace the opposed Brawling roll with Kill and Shock dice)

*Observation test (A dice-based spotting system)

*Alternative combat dice (8 new attack dice types to build futuristic and alien weapons, including toxin, web and disintegration)

*Squad traits (A skill system for an entire squad, for quick scenario building)

*Diceless recovery (A non-random method for recovering figures that are Down or Panicked)

*Skill challenges (A simple skill system for roleplay oriented scenarios)

*Battle exhaustion (Put more pressure on your characters in a campaign, forcing you to push them harder or operate below strength)

*Wounds (An in-battle wound table adding bloody detail to your games)