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Buck Surdu

Thanks.  I have been having a good time developing the Wars of Ozz rules.  They have a nice, old-school feel of “big battalions.”  As you can see in the pictures, a typical regiment is 20 figures.  Each regiment also has a mounted leader figure, also on a 2×2 base that is placed in the center front of the unit.  That adds to the old-school feel.

Interestingly, I met with Russ Dunaway (Old Glory) earlier this week.  Russ said he didn’t like the pictures of the figures that I posted, but he really liked the figures when he saw them in person.  I guess my photographic skills leave something to be desired.

It looks like Sally 4th will manage the Kickstarter campaign for the figures and rules, and they will publish the rules.  The production values of the rules should be quite nice.  I expect we’ll go live in January.  Everyone who pledges for the figures and rules in the Kickstarter will get a beta version of the rules as a PDF as soon as the campaign closes.  You’ll be able to start playing the rules with ersatz figures immediately so that you can provide feedback and identify any issues.

There are so many nice figures in this line!  I have seen most of them; although, Old Glory hasn’t posted pictures of all of them on line yet.  They are really, really nice figures, perhaps the best Old Glory has produced.

As I was developing the rules, I have kept an eye toward adapting them for historical periods.  I envision a family of Wars of… rules, including SYW and Napoleonic Wars.  But first, we need to get these out the door and see if people like them.