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I was learnt pretty much the same as NCS. Grape was a predominately naval round and packed for large bore cannon with canister rounds coming packed for smaller bore field guns. I wouldn’t swear that grape was not used by land artillery as I’m sure  there may be cases this was so, albeit my remembering was earlier than the Nap period.

If your asking about artillery coming in effective range of artillery (and I imagine we are talking the more mobile horse artillery), yes it must have. Once again I’m relying on less than perfect remembering, let me put a hypothetical to you.

An artillery battery laying effective fire on a target, cav, inf, BUA take your pick why would it not be possible to imagine horse artillery battery to set up and put pressure on the opposing battery. Whether that would be in canister range or not I cannot say but I’m sure that those that read Nap battle history would be able to cite an example without much difficulty. I can find examples for Frederick the Greats 12pdr Brummers (field artillery) in the 7yw closing to effective range with ball…. so?

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