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when farmed for what essentially amounts to “fur harvesting”, are often kept under inhumane conditions.

in the wild? Helpless and innocent they are not.

Yes that’s a difference. Foxes, boars, badgers wander near my house, I don’t do any harm to them, they seem quite happy; when they are hunted in the area it’s not for their fur (which no one collects) it is for other reasons. In our modern time commercial fur doesn’t come from wild animals it comes from farms …often with questionable conditions.

I’ve always been somewhat surprised to see Sci-Fi miniatures (including GW, but not only) wearing fur coats, it often gives me the impression that the sculptor had been looking for something cool (and almost medieval) but not realistic if you really believe in the context (which many young players don’t think about, they just want it to look cool, and I don’t blame them it happened to me too). Perhaps PETA is asking the same question from their own point of view?