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    Avatar photoMike


    What about some sort of annual get together, we all chip in a few quid for hiring a hall or something and all meet up for a game and a natter?

    No ideas further than this, but in principal?

    Avatar photokyoteblue

    While I like the idea, it’s a bit far for me to drive.

    Avatar photoMike

    No reason someone on that side of the pond shouldn’t do a US meet up too.

    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    Good idea.

    We could hold it on the same day as the US meet and Skype the two together!

    Okay, maybe running before we can walk.

    But in principle, yes.

    Avatar photoIain Fuller

    Could do it at shows similar to the bloggers meet at Salute?

    Avatar photoMike

    I was thinking more a private function at a place we hire, we agree a few games to bring and share, order some pizza and stuff.
    Kind of like a bigger version of gaming at a mates house.

    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    Well the members of Wargames Developments have been holding a residential weekend event (Conference of Wargamers) every year for about 36/37 years now, so it can be done.

    I probably wouldn’t go that big straight off, but a trial run long day event somewhere would be good.

    Geographic location? Bristol’s fine for me!

    I guess most roads lead to London in Britain but its expensive and a bit of a drag for a day out for me (lazy old so-and-so, don’t go to Salute for those reasons) so I guess canvass those who express an interest and find out where they are and how far they would travel.

    I’d probably go to Birmingham or Reading (with the right inoculations) or in that sort of arc from South Wales.

    Avatar photoirishserb

    I like the idea, but I’m guessing that we are spread out so far in the US, that getting many of us together could be tough.  For example, kyoteblue and I are around 800 miles apart.

    Still, my whining aside, I would consider the drive for the opportunity to give KB a big hug.

    Avatar photoMike

    If the UK one is left to me (which I am happy for it to be), it will be Bristol.
    I can’t travel around to check out venues so it would need to be local.

    But people did come from Poland to Blast-Tastic! so I guess other parts of the UK should be ok?

    Anyway, I await more thoughts…

    Avatar photoMike

    Actually, Alan, what about the Tudor?

    Is that something they can do?

    Avatar photoNorthern Monkey

    I’d be  up for this, but it would have to somewhere relatively central(UK) for me to attend, as I don’t drive and would be ether reliant on cadging a lift/getting a train.

    My attempt at a Blog: http://ablogofwar.blogspot.co.uk/

    Avatar photoAlan Millicheap

    The Tudor Arms at Slimbridge, Gloucestershire would be a good venue – see Tudor Arms

    This year we have had weekends for Cold War Commander, Future War Commander & LADG. I think that we are having a refight of Midway as well

    There is a big skittle alley, good beer and food plus accommodation and it’s free. We can fit about a dozen 6×4 tables into the alley


    Avatar photoMcKinstry

    I’ll be in the UK next year at some point so maybe, with enough lead time, I can make the second annual?

    The tree of Life is self pruning.

    Avatar photoJohn D Salt

    I think it’s only fair to warn you all that Bristol and Gloucestershire are easily close enough for me to turn up to.

    All the best,


    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    Might be too far for people in Yankeestan, but if anyone is ever in Michigan, hit me up and we’ll figure out some beers at least, while complaining about our dice luck 🙂

    Avatar photokyoteblue

    Sure if any one makes it to Oklahoma…..LOL !!!

    Avatar photoDarryl Smith

    I think to pull this off in the US it would have to be in the center of the country (maybe) and be a massive weekend to make the travel efforts worthwhile. Otherwise there could be several US events placed about the country.

    Buckeye Six Actual

    Avatar photoShahbahraz

    Bristol? Gloucestershire?  You have to be kidding. Perth is about the centre of the country.      Bristol is a remote location in the extreme west and south of another country.

    --An occasional wargames blog: http://aleadodyssey.blogspot.co.uk/ --

    Avatar photoMike

    So, Blast-Tastic! has been and gone and is no more, which is great in terms of having less stress.
    YET the desire to organise some sort of meet up still resides.

    Shall we properly have a think about a UK meet up, the general idea being:

    We hire a hall, divide the cost between us and bring some games to play and have a game and a natter.

    I am happy to organise it if no-one else wants to, BUT if I do it, it will be in Bristol.
    Though to be fair it is easy to get to with the M4 and M5 leading here.

    A more central location may be more desirable, in which case I am not really able to organise it, but more than happy to attend if someone else does the hard work.


    Avatar photoTony Hughes

    I’m a non-driver too so many places are not feasible as they have to be reasonably easy to access by public transport.

    London is actually easy to get to for me (I’m in Lancashire) but I hate the place and it is VERY expensive to get any place to use.

    Bristol is really too far for me and not an easy journey from up here.

    Small though Britain is (compared to the US) I doubt that we’d have any more luck than them finding somewhere that all members would find accessible and acceptable.

    Great idea though.



    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    In principle, yes!

    Bristol would be great for me (assuming I don’t get jiffed for child minding at the last minute) But reasonable travel would be okay (define reasonable – Reading, South Birmingham sort of radius from South Wales.) Otherwise still think it is a great idea – not sure if I would end up attending!


    Avatar photozippyfusenet

    I agree with irishserb. We’re too spread out over the US to make meeting practical. A few of us sometimes meet at regional conventions (hi Darryl!).

    F’rinstance…this past weekend I drove 100 miles to Springfield Ohio for Advance The Colors, the annual regional 3-day con organized by HMGS-Great Lakes chapter. It’s farther than I like to go for a day-trip, so I drove up Thursday (made a stop on the way at Sunwatch Village in Dayton) and got a motel room for Thurs-Fri-Sat nights. I had a blast, played games, went into a feeding frenzy in the dealer room, won some junk in the raffle, failed to sell or buy much of anything in the flea market. You missed out, Darryl.

    How far do you want me to drive for TWW?

    You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

    Avatar photowillz

    Bristol is a 2 hour drive or coach journey for me.

    Three Years ago 25 of us from an 18th century forum met up at a wargame show, put on a demo game and had a great time but we found it too short.  So for the past two years we meet up in a hotel in the midlands for three days of gaming and socialising.  I can highly recommend this style of  gaming, it is very friendly and an easy style of event, you don’t have to rush.  I can see a one day event meeting in a hotel/pub/inn/conference centre would work fine.

    Ps one of the chaps flew in from America to this year event.

    Avatar photogreg954

    Not a problem for me. Oxford, Gloucester is a fair shout, quite central for a lot of people.

    Agree with a few points that has been made. Maybe have an option of making a weekend of it, since traveling is going to be a factor. I made Blastic Tactic this year and enjoyed it. I did notice how the time just few! Was there for a good 6 hours and dispite it reasonably small venue. Had no where near enough time.

    Just need to decide a venue then a date. Maybe make it a summer thing? Always nice to have lots of hours of daylight for these things.

    Avatar photoMike

    What would people be willing to pay for the hire?
    £25.00 for a day?
    More / less?

    For those that were at Blast-Tastic! that hall is £255.00 for 10 hours.
    So maybe about £400.00 to £510.00 for the weekend depending.

    With 20 people that would be £25.00 each ish.
    With 10 people then £50.00 ish.
    Plus food for two days, a hotel stay, petrol etc.
    Just concerned it could a couple of hundred quid once everything is factored in, are people OK with that?

    Avatar photoTony Hughes

    Something up with your geography if you think Gloucester or Oxford are ‘central’. The country doesn’t stop when you go past Brum mate !!!

    It took us over 4 hours to drive down to Bisley this summer on our hols and it was not a pleasant journey.

    Tony of TTT




    Sod Bristol, make it Hawaii or Monte Carlo !

    Avatar photozippyfusenet

    You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

    Avatar photogreg954

    You’ll never please everyone Tony, that’s for sure. Yeah, travalling is no doubt the worse part. In fact there is nothing fun about it, if you ask me. I hate it.

    All about finding the best solution. Find out who can come on what date and the best location. As for cost that sounds about average for a weekend away.

    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    So Greg…

    I have looked at the school hall that was used for Blast-Tastic last year, as noted above it is £260.00 for 10 hours on Saturday.
    If we could get 10 people to meet up and have a day of gaming, maybe get a pizza or some other takeaway for lunch sorted we could try a get together this year?
    That would be £26.00 each to cover the hall hire, then we can sort food out on the day?

    Anyone up for it?
    We could have a few people bring some boardgames and a few people bring some miniatures games, and play and chat?

    Avatar photoGeof Downton

    I’ll play, less than an hour and less than a tenner each way on the train, if it’s Brizzle!


    One who puts on his armour should not boast like one who takes it off.
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    Avatar photoMike

    That’s 2.

    Avatar photogreg954

    Yeah that’s ok, if you’re happy to organise it. Count me in, just have to see how many are interested.

    Avatar photoMike

    That’s 3.

    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    I’d love to hop across the pond, been promising the girls we would do so.  BUT, it’s at least a year off here, and dependent on a couple of possible scholastic adventures…

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Avatar photocmnash

    I’d be up for a meet.


    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    Depending on my wife’s commitments, son and other boring ‘life’ stuff around the actual date – yes please.

    (The further ahead of the event we know the date, the more likely I am to be able to arrange everyone else’s life around mine!)

    Avatar photoMike

    Potentially 5…

    Avatar photoThuseld

    Provided my wife can be convinced to let me go galavanting off for a day I would be up for it. Could also bring a friend.

    Avatar photoMike

    Coolio. I am hopefully going to check out a different building on the same site that is smaller and hopefully cheaper. Will report back tonight on its suitability.


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