As well as offering all of the discounts, stretch goals and freebies from the official Gnickstarter campaign, Sally 4th have put together some extra free products that are available exclusively from us.

Over the last couple of years Clear Plastic bases have really taken off, and we find ourselves dispatching many hundreds every week. Frostgrave is a game environment that really benefits from them as from turn to turn your figures could be standing on snow, stone flagstones, wooden floorboards or rocky outcrops. We are therefore giving away a bag of 30, 25mm clear round bases with every level Breeding Pit pre-order at level 3 (Pit Warrior) and above.

'Into the Breeding Pits', sees our warbands delve down to the subterranean level under the ruins of Frostgrave. Many gamers collected free Terra-Block dungeon sets as part of our 'Liche Lord' Nickstarter promotion, so to expand on this we have designed two exclusive rooms that are completely compatible with all of the existing Terra-Block Range. The 'Pit Slave Cells' features three cells within a larger room, each with hinged, working cell doors and is being included for free with all pre-orders at level 4 (Pit Chief) and above. Those who pre-order at level 6 (Pit Master) will also receive from us the 'Dungeon Entrance Chamber featuring a double width staircase within a 100mm x 200mm room with multiple exits.

These offers run from now until 4th July.