New Product Announcement

GCmini has launched a new product line of Terrain Hexes, designed to enhance tabletop wargaming experiences. These hexes, suitable for historical, fantasy, or sci-fi settings, offer endless possibilities for creative terrain layouts.
Imagine a world where every tabletop battle, be it set in historical, fantasy, or sci-fi realms, gets an upgrade in realism and immersion. GCmini's Terrain Hexes are designed to elevate your gaming experience. These hexes, available in both 4" (suitable for smaller scales like 3mm – 10mm) and 8" (suitable for larger scales, 15mm and higher) sizes, are crafted from high-quality, durable, CNC cut, XPS foam, with an option to add a durable MDF base for extra sturdiness.

Each piece is precision CNC cut, ensuring accurate dimensions and angles as well as seamless integration into any game setup. Accuracy and precision were the first design criteria for these hexes. If you are tired of sloppy hexes that do not fit together well and are made of cheap, crumbly Styrofoam that's better suited for picnic ice chests, you need to check out these new offerings from GCmini.
What's more, these hexes are customizable. You can paint them to match your game's theme, whether it's a lush fantasy forest, a war-torn historical battlefield, or a distant sci-fi planet. The flexibility in design means they are not just terrain pieces, but a canvas for your imagination.

This product line is a game-changer for both seasoned and novice tabletop gamers. Whether you are a historical wargamer looking to recreate famous battles, a fantasy gamer wanting to bring your mythical landscapes to life, or a sci-fi enthusiast aiming to design alien terrains, these hexes provide the foundation for any scenario you can envision.