Terrain Squares for Wargamers Collection Part 2 On Sale Now

Following the positive feedback I received about the Terrain Squares Basic Collection, (though with 27 variants, they certainly weren’t all ‘basic’!), I realised there were so many more possible permutations that would be useful to wargamers that I decided to carry on creating more. Terrain Squares for Wargamers Collection Part 2 is the first of the extra volumes, and there will be more in due course.


This collection contains:

  • Stream bend with hills
  • River bend with hills
  • Meandering river with hills
  • Deep valley
  • Diagonal ridge
  • Mountain pass
  • Road bend with low hills
  • Straight road with low hills
  • Two contour hill
  • Little and larger hills
  • Cluster of small hills
  • Lone small hill
  • Broad hill
  • Kink in road
  • Kink in road with low hills
  • Cart track
  • Cart track bend
  • Cart track meets road
  • Meandering cart track
  • Meandering cart track with hills
  • Wooden bridge over river
  • Stone bridge over river
  • Large open wood
  • Open wood with cart track
  • Straight road through woods
  • Scattered copses
  • Wooded hill
  • Extra terrain elements (trees, walls, hedges, intact and ruined buildings and rough ground. Cut them out and place them on your terrain squares).

These large (10cm x 10cm) squares are at 200dpi – great for printing out! – and can be mounted on card to help you plan your own scenarios, or even be enlarged to form 2D terrain in their own right, which could be used for games with miniatures (especially micro-scale), ‘block’ units or even games like Airfix Battles. However you decide to use them – have fun!

Terrain Squares for Wargamers Collection Part 2 is on sale right now at the Gladius Publications Payhip shop (https://payhip.com/b/X524) for just $3.99 plus VAT at your local rate. The Basic Collection is also still on sale (see https://payhip.com/b/jQVK), along with back issue of Battlegames and the Table Top Teasers.

Note that the Basic Collection can be obtained FREE when you sign up for the Gladius newsletter at http://gladiuspublications.com (the newsletter link is at the foot of the home page).


Henry Hyde, Director, Gladius Publications