We’re in the final stretch of the Gunfighter’s Ball Wild West Kickstarter. Backers have unlocked one stretch goal after another, and we’re getting close to our biggest goal of all: a highly-detailed game mat.

This mat is being designed by an outside artist we’ve enlisted to give it that crisp detail that make today’s neoprene-backed cloth mats so desirable. The basic mat will be 3’x4’ (36-inches by 48-inches) with the illustrated surface representing a mix of open area and sagebrush.

Backers at the Deputy Level (the basic starter set) or above will receive one of these as part of their backer’s reward kit if we reach the 28k goal, allowing us to order the minimum quantity needed.

More information can be found on our blog, where we’ve posed more info plus a closeup image of the texture. Also, please visit our Kickstarter page for more about the campaign.

One week left!