This week we're releasing another new 6mm model, the Kirin Combat Walker (the release should have happened last week, but I forgot to upload everything to the website before I went on holiday !).

The Kirin comes in three versions, with Gatling, Laser or twin-Powergun armament. There is also a Lance pack available with two of each model in it.

We'll have these available at the Joy of Six show on Sunday, along with all of our recent other 6mm releases and also some as-yet-unreleased items including the Larminat laser tank and some new buildings. I'm also planning to take along a number of items from Angel Barrack's excellent SF range.

We also have something else new and rather exciting, but you'll have to find us on Sunday to discover what that is !

SF15-1509a – Kirin Walker with Heavy Gatlings – £1.50
SF15-1509b – Kirin Walker with Heavy Lasers – £1.50
SF15-1509c – Kirin Walker with Twin Powerguns – £1.50
IC-1515 – Kirin Lance – £8.00