This month we're releasing more Hollywood cavalry, character cards and a board game!
The first item being released is the long-awaited Character Card Booster Pack IV which includes Gunfighter's Ball cards for three factions and two stand-alone characters.

Also included in this release is our new board game Gunfight Royale ($65), featuring 13 plastic cartoon gunfighter figures duking it out with dice, weapons, items and dirty tricks on a traditional 20x20" folding parlor game board.
Game play follows the same basic logic as Gunfighter's Ball, but has comical elements and a game "feel" that shares similarities with arena combat video games.

This game puts the Gunfighter's Ball experience within the reach of non-gamer friends and relatives who don't want to participate in an entire hobby, as well as hard core gamers who want a quick and easy, portable wild west shootout that doesn't require any prep work.

Later in the month we'll be releasing four new factions, including Hollywood Cavalry Command (mounted and dismounted) and three variety packs: Gunfighter's Gulch I, II, and III. Among the 24 new characters is a Wild West giant and the infamous armored gunfighter Ned Kelly!

Visit today and check it out!