HONOUR is delighted to announce the return of the petit-tactical Napoleonic game!

Lasalle Second Edition is a complete re-imagining of the award-winning game from 2009. It features a new sequence of play, driven by momentum and interrupts, that allows players to do virtually anything in any order, differently every turn. You can never be certain what your opponent does in response to your decisions, nor how many opportunities he will have to thwart your plans. The second edition also has a completely new system for skirmishing, for movement, for rallying, for shooting and combat... it's a whole new game.

Twenty-six pages of Advanced Rules offer a huge variety of “flavor” that you can add as desired. These include new assets such as rockets and howitzer batteries, sapeurs, aides-de-camp, or partisans operating off-table to delay your enemy’s reinforcements. The advanced rules include new doctrinal options such as early-war “linear” tactics, irregular formations, regimental and battalion guns, and more literal placement of skirmisher formations. Rules for large multi-player games, the effects of different ground conditions, and additional personality traits for your general are among the many options.

As with the original Lasalle, the new game walks you through the creation of an historical scenario but also provides everything you need to create fictional forces for pick-up games or tournaments at your club. The new 60+ page Lasalle Army Maker is now a free downloadable PDF available from the Honour website.

** Special Introductory Offers - Only Until February 16th! **

- Purchase the book and PDF together as a "Bundle" and save $11.
- Reduced-cost shipping outside the USA until Feb 16th: save another $12-16 while this deal lasts.

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