After the success of our recent Militia Miniatures Kickstarter, we are pleased to announce that the figures have now been released and available to everyone!

This range of character figures are perfect for any modern or even post-apocalypse setting, fitting in nicely with many of the popular ranges on the market. For the full list, head over to the Militia Miniatures section of the Minibits website

You can also find the latest info on future releases through either the Militia Miniatures website or the Facebook page

(All figures priced at £2.95)

Intelligent and careful, Andersen can always be relied on in a tight spot. Easygoing and laid back, he'll take the time to assess the situation before going in.

Bennett has one motto in life: 'The bigger the problem, the bigger the gun.' He might not be the sharpest tool in the box, but you'll certainly want him around when the bullets are flying!

Being the only girl in the group could have been a difficult job for Charlie, but from the minute she gave Bennett a wedgie she was accepted as one of the guys.

Connor is a bit of a practical joker and enjoys winding the others up whenver he can. When it's time to work though, he is efficient and reliable.

A master of field craft, Ghost can disppear into his surroundings easily and keep himself concealed for days on end. His patience and precision make him a highly valued member of the team.

Every team needs someone to look after the money and keep the jobs coming in. With contacts around the world, Goldman can always find another tricky situation to throw the team into.

The most senior member of the team, Granger is a respected veteran who has been there, done it and gone back for more.

Trained in a variety of hand-to-hand combat techniques, he's still a dangerous prospect even when disarmed. He's also second-in-command to Granger and is deathly serious about what he does.

Sullen and moody on the outside, this skilled knifeman is certainly not to be messed with. He doesn't stand for any nonsense at work and is fiercely loyal to his friends.

Strike is the techguy, and one of the few in the group who knows what a 'Tweet' is. It's taken a while, but he's slowly dragging the group into the 21st century with some handy gadgets.

We've also got some handy scenic items as well, from sacks and boxes through to crates and oil drums!

Boxes - £1.95

Sacks - £1.95

Drums - £2.95

Crates - £2.95

We hope you like them!