“From the north they came, like locust devouring the land before them, nothing could stop them, man crumbled in their presence, only when a dark shape filled the sky, the ground trembled, cold steel and blood, humanities savour  arrived, Lord Sigismund and the Knights of the Dragon.”

Drago, priest of arcos monastery. The first orc war.

New Orc Boar Rider

Wave One Releases

Formed in the 1st orc wars, these knights turned the tide against the green skin invasion, forcing them back into the Black Ridge mountains, The Order of the Dragon built huge monasteries across the northern border region, where to this day they are ever on guard against the races bent on man’s destruction.

6mm Knights,the Order of the Dragon, hand sculpted and cast in pewter, this is the 2nd wave for this order of knights, with a lot more planed in the future.



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