H28009 PANZERFAUST: ARMOURED FIST 4th ed / - WWII Platoon/company leverl rules. Large format pbk 15mm-20mm with conversion ideas for 6-10mm £15.00

H28010 Romance of the Perilous Land: A Roleplaying Game of British Folklore / Malthouse, S Mint hbk. Shipping now. Romance of the Perilous Land is a roleplaying game of magic and adventure set in the world of British folklore, from the stories of King Arthur to the wonderful regional tales told throughout this green and pleasant land. £19.95

H28013 Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club : US Navy over Vietnam. 1965-68 : Check your Six JET AGE supplement / - 28 Scenarios [lus historical background £20.00

H28014 TANKS:THE MODERN AGE - M1 VS T-64 STARTER SET - MTANKS01 / - SPECIAL OFFER. Buy 2 get free postage!! Ideal Xmas stocking filler £12.50

H28016 EAST AFRICAN CAMPAIGNS 1940-1941 / Air Historical Branch Mint paperback reprint of a TSS 1947 publication. 302pp 13 + Pull out maps and charts. : The campaign in East Africa was one in which British and Commonwealth forces faced the Italians, and won. This is the story of those battles from the point of view of the RAF. Despite being an air paper it contains a wealth of detail on-ground operations and can be used as a first-class Vademecum in any study of the area and the period. A rare item of great significance in studying the early form of warfare in the Second World War £37.50



H28021 C18th PRINCIPLES OF WAR RULES / - MInt- few only £17.50

48709 To the Bitter End: A Photographic History of the Boer War 1899-1902 / Lee near fine hardback. v well illus £3.50

48710 Hitler's Heralds: Story of the Freikorps, 1918-1923 / Jones ex-library but very good condition £25.00

48711 JOAN OF ARC: THE EARLY DEBATE / Fraioli, Deborah A. Pbk, pub. 2002, 235 pages. Like new, mint. £8.75

48712 NARSES: HAMMER OF THE GOTHS / Fauber, L. H. Hbk, pub. 1990, 239p, b&w illustrations. VG cond. £7.00

48713 ALL THE KING'S ARMIES: A MILITARY HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH CIVIL WAR 1642-1651 / Reid, Stuart Hbk, pub. 1998, 270p, b&w illustrations. Like new. £25.00

48714 LIONHEART AND LACKLAND: KING RICHARD, KING JOHN AND THE WARS OF CONQUEST / McLynn, Frank Hbk, pub. 2006, 578p, illustrated in both colour and b&w. Like new. £9.95

48715 REAL MIDDLE EARTH: MAGIC AND MYSTERY IN THE DARK AGES / Bates, Brian Hbk, pub. 2002, 292p, colour photographs. VG cond. Slight shelf wear to cover else mint. £9.50

48716 WAR OF AUSTRIAN SUCCESSION 1740-1748 (MODERN WARS IN PERSPECTIVE) / Anderson, M. S. Pbk, pub, 1995, 248 pages. Good condition, some creasing to cover and marking to page edges. £22.00

48717 BATTLE THAT SHOOK EUROPE: POLTAVA AND THE BIRTH OF THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE / Englund, Peter Pbk, pub. 1992, 287 pages. VG condition, near mint. £10.45

48718 Ordering Anarchy: Armies and Leaders in Tacitus' Histories / Ash near fine hardback £55.00

48719 COLD WAR GONE HOT: WWIII 1986 FORCE ON FORCE SUPPLEMNET / - near mint £25.00

48720 LAND OF THE FREE : Wargames rules for North AMerica 1754-1815 / Krone mint hardback £13.50

48722 PRACTICAL GUIDE for the light infantry officer, 1806 : Comprising valuable extracts from all the most popular works on the subject; with further original information / Cooper 95p. plus pull out drill sheets. Near fine hardback facsimile 6 ed. wear to cover £18.00

48723 COMMAND PIQUET : Musket to Machine Gun 1700-1900 / - Stand alone war gaming system. 2 levels of play- tactical & Grand tactical 6 - 30 units a side, no set figure scale. near fine pbk. include card sheets £17.50

48724 CORNER KICK : rules for playing the world's most popular sport in miniature / - near mint soccer miniatures rules £16.00

48725 DAY OF BATTLE 1050-1300 3rd edition : Medieval wargame rules / - near fine large format pbk £11.50

48726 AMERICAN UNCIVIL WAR : Architects of War ACW skirmish rules / - near mint pbk. Includes the cards. Hollywood meets wargaming. Card driven Single figure- platoon level roleplaying skirmish. You too can be John Wayne AND Scarlet O'Hara £22.50

48727 Frederick II: Medieval Emperor / - 480p. near mint pbk £11.95

48728 Dictionary of Celtic Religion and Culture / Maier 340p. near mint hbk with flight fading to spine £7.50

48729 LA GRANDE ARMEE / BLond 540p. near fine hardback. ENglish Translation. Comprehensive campaign history £6.00

48730 HISTORY OF THE ART OF WAR IN THE MIDDLE AGES VOLUME ONE: 378-1278 AD / Oman, Sir Charles Pbk, pub. 1998 (originally pub. 1924), 544 pages. VG cond. £6.00

48731 HISTORY OF THE ART OF WAR IN THE MIDDLE AGES VOLUME TWO: 1278-1485 AD / Oman, Sir Charles Pbk, pub. 1998 (originally pub. 1924), 469 pages. VG cond. £6.00

48732 LEADERS OF THE LOST CAUSE: NEW PERSPECTIVES ON THE CONFEDERATE HIGH COMMAND / Gallagher, Gary & Glatthaar, Joseph T. (E Hdbk, pub. 2004, 294 pages. Like new. £17.99

48733 RUSSIA IN THE AGE OF PETER THE GREAT / Hughes, Lindsey Hdbk, pub. 1998, 602p, b&w illustrations. Like new. £18.00

48734 KNIGHTS OF ISLAM: THE WARS OF THE MAMLUKS / Waterson, James Hdbk, pub. 2007, 304p, illustrated in both b&w and colour. VG cond. Light shelf wear else like new. £49.99

48735 FRANCE IN CRISIS 1620-1675 / Coveney, P. J. Hdbk, pub. 1977, 281 pages. VG cond, slight fading to spine. £8.50

48736 WARS OF LOUIS XIV 1667-1714 / Lynn, John A. Pbk, pub. 1999, 434 pages. Good cond, some creasing to cover and marking to page edges. £18.95

48737 RENAISSANCE AT WAR (CASSELL HISTORY OF WARFARE) / Arnold, Thomas Pbk, pub. 2001, 240 p, illustrated in both colour and b&w. Like new. £6.80

48738 LAND AFFLICTED: SCOTLAND AND THE COVENANTER WARS 1638-1690 / Paterson, Raymond Campbell Pbk, pub. 1998, 308 pages. VG cond, light shelf wear. £18.00

48739 ENGLISH WARFARE 1511-1642 (WARFARE AND HISTORY) / Fissel, Mark Charles Pbk, pub. 2001, 382 pages, b&w illustrations. VG cond, some shelf wear to cover, internally mint. £14.50

48740 HITLER'S MASTER OF THE DARK ARTS: HIMMLER'S BLACK KNIGHTS AND THE OCCULT ORIGINS OF THE SS / Yenne, Bill Hdbk, pub. 2010, 312 pages, colour and b&w illustrations. VG cond, some shelf wear to cover and boards. Internally like new. £33.00

48741 WAR IN THE MIDDLE AGES / Contamine, Philippe Hdbk, pub. 1984, 387 pages, b&w illustrations. Good cond. Tatty cover and light foxing to page edges. £10.00

48742 AMERICAN INDIAN WARS 1500-1900 / Tebbel, John & Jennison, Keith Pbk, pub. 2001, 312 pages, b&w illustrations. VG cond. £7.00

48743 SCOTTISH CLANS AND TARTANS (HAMLYN) / Grant, Neil Hdbk, pub. 2000, 272 pages, fully illustrated in colour throughout. Like new. £28.00

48744 CRUSADES C. 1071-C. 1291 (CAMBRIDGE MEDIEVAL TEXTBOOKS) / Richard, Jean Pbk, pub. 1999, 530 pages. VG cond. £12.99

48745 ENEMY AT THE GATE: HABSBURGS, OTTOMANS AND THE BATTLE FOR EUROPE / Wheatcroft, Andrew Hdbk, pub. 2008, 364 pages, b&w illustrations. Good cond, Shelf wear to dust jacket and some tanning to pages. £10.00

48746 BY FIRE AND SWORD: THE RISE AND FALL OF ENGLISH SUPREMACY AT ARMS 1314-1485 / Reid, Peter Hdbk, pub. 2007, 576 pages, some colour illustrations. Like new. £7.00

48747 WAR THAT HITLER WON: NAZI PROPAGANDA / Herzstein, Robert Edwin Hdbk, pub. 1979, 491 pages, b&w illustrations. Good cond. £7.00

48748 ORIGINS OF THE ANGLO-SAXONS / Henson, Donald Hdbk, pub. 2006, 295 pages. Like new. £11.00

48749 PERFECT KING: THE LIFE OF EDWARD III, FATHER OF THE ENGLISH NATION / Mortimer, Ian Hdbk, pub. 2006, 536 pages, b&w illustrations. Good cond. £11.00

48750 CRUSADER WARFARE VOLUME I: BYZANTIUM, WESTERN EUROPE AND THE BATTLE FOR THE HOLY LAND / Nicolle, David Hdbk, pub. 2007, 320 pages, b&w illustrations. Like new. £22.78

48751 AGE OF RELIGIOUS WARS 1559-1715 / Dunn, Richard S. Pbk, pub. 1970, 322 pages, b&w illustrations. Good cond. £9.50

48752 WILLIAMITE WAR IN IRELAND 1688-1691 / Doherty, Richard Hdbk, pub. 1998, 256 pages, b&w illustrations. Rare. VG cond, light shelf wear. £49.00

48753 Inheritance of Rome: A History of Europe from 400 to 1000 / Wickham 650p. near fine hardback £25.00

48754 My Wound is Deep: History of the Anglo-Scottish Wars, 1380-1560 / Campbell Paterson near fine paperback 240p £4.00

48755 FIELD OF BATTLE WWII: Stand alone rules from PIQUET / - new. INc all charts and cards. Divisional level rule but for any figure scale 1st edition £15.00

48756 HIGHLAND BRIGADE IN THE CRIMEA / Sterling, Lt-Col 240p. mint pbk facsimilie but scuff to cover £6.00

48757 Commando to Captain-General: the Life of Brigadier Peter Young / Michelli mint hardback. Cracking wartime commando action, a bit about the Arab legion and some stuff about dressing in funny clothes at weekends- what sort of hobby's that for a grown man?!! £6.50

48758 CON TUTTO IL CUORE : Italian General's Handbook 1935 - 1945 / - Panzer Korps supplemnet Near mint large format illsu pbk Useful orbats for any rules £15.00

48759 OPEN COMBAT : Rules for Pre-Gunpowder and Fantasy skirmsh games / - near mint hardbacl. large format . v well illus in coloour £22.50

48760 Condottiere: The Dogs of War Renaissance Mercenary Warfare Rules & Campaigns / Chadwick near mint hardback rules. Wargames Foundry £35.00

48761 LEGIUNEA ROMANA : Romanian General's Handbook / - near mint pbk. for PANZER KORPS but a useul book of orbats etc £15.00