So, earlier this year, Pontoonier Miniatures released a 40-figure 28mm line of Barbary Pirates. And, when people saw them, they liked the figures but asked “why did you make such a big line for such an esoteric period?” The answer, because the philosophy of Pontoonier is to cover periods and historic (and not so historic) types that might be undercovered or not covered at all. The follow-up question was usually “how do you top that?”

Introducing the start of Pontoonier’s Eighteen Men Out Terror on the High Seas “Myths and Monsters of the Barbary Coast” range of 28mm pewter miniatures. If Barbary Pirates weren’t enough to make you dust off the old pirate miniatures then perhaps Pontoonier’s new figures will!

These figures will work equally well for pulp games involving Arabian nights, the Middle East, the Victorian era, WWII and a host of other periods, genres and rules systems (Ghost Archipelago anyone?)

The initial offering includes a Were Lion (before & after), a Were Crocodile (before & after), three Were hyenas (befores & afters) and an evil Barbary Necromancer. Barbary zombies, more monsters and some very pulpy, B-Movie Barbary figures (pomp and circumstance Sultan, harem guards, etc.) will all follow to compliment the Barbary range. So, watch this space!