Bavarian Napoleonic Infantry flags

The latest addition to our flag ranges are a set of flags for the Bavarians during the Revolutionary & Napoleonic Wars.
Available in 6,8,10,12,15 & 18mm sizes (flag height) on A5 sheets (1 for 6/8mm, 2 for 10/12mm and 3 for 15/18mm).

13 different designs (6 Leibfahnen & 7 Regimentsfahnen) to cover the whole period, as many flags are said to have continued in use after newer designs had been introduced. 10-18mm flags have separate sheets for the Ducal and Royal periods.

There are notes on the flags available as a PDF, it includes some suggestions as to which Leibfahne & Regimentsfahne were used together.

All laser printed on high quality paper and dispatched in a board envelope to make sure that they get to you in perfect condition.

These are the latest addition to our Napoleonic ranges which now include :

French 1804, 1812 & 1815 patterns
Prussians before and after 1806
Austrian 1792 & 1806 pattern
Russian 1803
British 1815

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