New from Sally 4th, a range of very inexpensive and versatile bridges based on the bridges from 'Wild Geese' and 'The Siege at Jadotville' but suitable for a wide range of settings and even scales. Bridges feature hidden lug and socket joints to prevent pieces drifting apart in use. Extension's are available to build as many spans as required.

Bridge Dimensions:

Width: 65mm

Height: 25mm

Ramp length: 173mm

Bridge section: 152mm

Overall length: 498mm

Extension Dimensions:

Width: 65mm

Length: 153mm

Height: 25mm


Bridge with railings: £7.00 GBP
Railings extension: £3.50 GBP
Arched Bridge: £10 GBP
Arched Extension: £6.00 GBP

Full details HERE


Chris Abbey