New 28mm Corporate Ninjas from Pontoonier Miniatures


Okay, so the world kind of ended...Zombies roam the streets in search of brains, gangs of mutants and killer clowns stalk the back allies and all seems lost for the lonely survivors. How could it get any more chaotic...corporate Ninjas, that's how!

Once living in the shadows, Ninjas have come out of the twilight of myth and actively ply their trade to the highest matters not to them the morality of the cause or the integrity of the victim, they operate for it goods or credits or other commodities.

Have you had a hard time knocking out that rival gang leader? Hire a corporate Ninja. Can't seem to get to that stubborn survivor sitting on a hoard of loot in his fortified home? Hire a corporate Ninja. Is your second in command feeling a little too much like he should be in charge? Hire a corporate Ninja.

Pontonier Miniatures are available exclusively from Badger Games.