New Curteys Miniatures 28mm Medieval Knights with separate heads suitable for Late 12th to late 13th centuries.
We have reworked some of our foot and mounted Knights so they now come with separate heads.
Each pack of 3 mounted or 4 foot knights comes with your choice of head sprue, each sprue contains 3 to 5 different heads enabling greater variety in your units.

Mounted Knights with separate heads. 3 mounted knights including horses £9
ME01 Mounted Knights, Lance upright.
ME02 Mounted Knights, Couched lance.
ME03 Mounted Knights, Hand weapons.
Options for ME001, 002, 003

Helmets options for mounted knights

A, Assorted Late 12th Century

B, Assorted Late 12th - Early 13th Century

C, Assorted Early 13th – Mid 13th Century

D, Mid-13th Century, Barrel helm

E, Assorted Late 13th Century

F, Assorted Kettle helms

Horse options for mounted knights

Foot Knights with separate heads.
4 Foot knights, £4
Use head options as for Mounted Knights

ME22 Foot knights 1, with hand weapons attacking. ME23 Foot knights 1, with spears attacking.

Helmet sprues are available to buy separately on the website.