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Fantasy Football Figures
Set of 8: 28/32mm figures available now!

Accessory figures suitable for any 28/32mm Fantasy Football tabletop game. Boost your roster with these finely detailed white metal miniatures!

Available Now - Starter Bundle of 8 Figures £26 or Individually

Head Coach Robnakka £4

Arfick- Viking Human Cheerleader £4

    Megsa – Human Cheerleader £4

Eldam – Orc Shaman £4

Jengrag – Orc Drummer £4

Wizzrt –Ratman Stretcher Bearer £4

Stugo – Halfling Ball Boy £4

Dr Von Charlestein – Vampire Apothecary £4

All available now to order from Northumbrian Painting Services – www.paintinghistory.co.uk under the wargames fantasy tab at the top of the home page.

Fantasy Football Kickstarter Launched for New Sideline Figures

Check out our website for pledges and information, make your game real with these fantastic figures to compliment any fantasy football game.