We have launched a new range of very, very small-scale buildings in our Teeny Tiny Terrain section.

There is a brand-new video available here which explores the concept in greater detail, but put simply, we are replacing single larger building models with lots of much smaller ones.
For example, a small town is no longer just a couple of buildings its 50 or 60 of them, giving a much truer to life impression of just what is being contested on the tabletop.

We’ve kicked off in the Ancients period with a lovely Middle Eastern Hill town.

A spectacular Celtic Hill Fort

And where would we be without the Romans adding a few straight lines and a sense of order?


We’ve started the process of catering for later periods with a lovely little, small town,

And a fortified version.

You can find all the new releases here, but do have a look at the video.  The narrator is a man of wit, wisdom strength of purpose and a rather tenuous grasp on reality…