Here’s a slight oddity – it’s the original design prototype that we created when developing the Agricultural Colony range of 6mm buildings. It’s a perfectly good building and looked fine on screen when we designed the 3D model. But when printed out, it just looked a bit too much like a Swiss mountain chalet, or even Granny’s cottage in the woods from Little Red Riding Hood. So we scrapped that design style and started from scratch, which fortuitously resulted in the colourful range of pre-fabs that are currently outselling all of our other building ranges.

However, we’d made the model and a mould, so why not release it anyway ? Someone might like one or two. And it can use up the rather inauspicious product code -1313 while we’re at it. So here it is – the Cottage in the Woods.

B300-1313 – Cottage in the Woods – £1.50