Now available from Black Pyramid Gaming is the following selection of character figures for our Regent Z range of Gothic Horror set in the Regency and Napoleonic eras.
Madame Medusa is a demonic hag that will freeze the blood of the unwary, and turn their bodies to stone!

Major Samedi is a Haitian vodoun master, paid by the French to assist them in the wars against Wellington et al. With the power to raise the dead, the battlefields of Europe will become his playthings.

The Plague Doctor, hidden behind his mask and protective coat, could be either a bringer of hope or a messenger of evil.

The Seeker also hides behind a death mask, using her witch-born skills to either heal the dying, or to curse the living.

Cast in resin, in 28mm scale, these figures are useful for a variety of games, especially Silver Bayonet.

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