Thanks, Orders and more WW2 releases.
24th Jul 2021

First off, on behalf of all the Baccus team, can I say 'Thank you very much' for all of you who have contacted us via email, social media or phone expressing thanks and good wishes. We can't reply to them all, but please rest assured that all are valued and really are appreciated. Without customers, and especially happy customers, we can't carry on, so it tells us that we are doing something right after all.
The weather in the UK over the last few days has been a wee bit scorching, but we still managed to reach order number #17440. Working with hot moulds and hot metal in these conditions has not been pleasant, but the casters were motivated by offering a prize of a half glass of water to the most productive wage slave. We are progressive employers after all...

The new WW2 releases continue smoothly and this week we have four SdKfz 234 armoured cars.
We've recently hit a milestone in that we now have all the models we need to complete our north west Europe 44/45 made. Some are moulded, others ready to mould, and others still in master form, but they are all done and will be out as soon as we can get them done.

Thoughts are now turning eastwards...