Get yer Salute orders in, but first, some more Poles.

25th Mar 2023


Hello all, and welcome to the weekly Baccus update. As usual we start proceedings with this week’s magic order number, which stands at #23907. This doesn’t quite tell the whole story, as we have another fortyish orders that should have gone out this week and are packed and ready , but we simply ran out of time to invoice and process them. We’ll get on to these first thing Monday morning and get a head start.
As I explained last week, there won’t be any new releases in the run-up to Salute, but get ready for some teaser and previews. However, this leaves me without any pretty pictures to brighten up this week’s piece, so I thought I’d show you a couple of releases from the recently released GNW Polish range. These hadn’t had examples painted up and photographed at the time of release so they haven’t been seen before.

Firstly we have some of the redoubtable Polish infantry armed with musket and Berdych axe – a combination that has endeared to many a wargamer over the years…

Secondly, where would any army be without its leaders? The old range omitted generals, but we have made up for it this time with some suitably attired and very dashing individuals all set to lead their companions to a glorious victory.

I’ll end this week’s piece as I did last week’s and indeed, how I will be completing all of the entries leading up to the 22nd of April. It really is time to get those orders for collection at Salute in to us. You can do so via the Baccus shopping cart, or simply be emailing or calling us.