This week's magic number and more new goodies.
12th May 2023

We are currently in the process of restocking our trade stand in anticipation of the next show on the Calendar, which is Partizan in Newark. We’re hoping to have some really nice new releases and previews at the show, but more of that nearer the time. For the moment, we have this week’s Magic Number which is order #24339. All the usual caveats apply.

Which brings us on this week’s new releases, which are all Second World War.
We are spreading the joy around this week, as the British get a ubiquitous M9A1 half track tractor.

Continuing the half-track theme, the Americans get a fearsome M15 cmgc 37mm/50cal AA

Not to be left out, the German army can now field a Panzer IVJ.

All of these can be found HERE.

The latest additions to the Great Northern War range are nearing completion, so look out for an announcement about these very soon…
As ever, with Baccus, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes aimed at bringing new goodies to you.