Putting the 'Success' into Successors...
4th Nov 2023

Once again, Friday has come lurking from the shadows, crept up and mugged me while I still hadn’t realised that Thursday had left the room. After a bit of scrabbling I’ve hurriedly found this week’s magic order number, which this week stands at #25953.
Releasing new codes and adding items to our ranges is one of those processes that goes on continually behind the scenes at Baccus HQ. As is apparent from the outcomes of our uncannily accurate annual predictions it can also be a surprisingly uncertain and unpredictable undertaking. A glimpse behind the curtain would reveal all the drama, the arguments, the tantrums and the tears that go into the creative process. If you thought it’s just a matter of banging a few master figures into a mould and springing the end results on a grateful world, the think again. Really, think again!
All of which sort of brings me round to the fact that there’s no new releases today, but there will be next week, just in time for the Warfare show at Farnborough. This time we’re leaving the second world war in the sideline as our resculpted Successors will take centre stage. As with all of our updates, the catalyst for overhauling the old figures was the fact that our veteran moulds are beginning to wear out so the decision is really forced on us.
The official release will be next week, ahead of the Warfare show at Farnborough, but following a couple of email suggestions, I am listing all of the new codes should anyone wish to order them for collection at the show.

AMA09 - Theurophoros Infantry, formed
AMA9a - Theurophoros Infantry, skirmish
AMA10 – Thracian Infantry, Rhomphaia, formed
AMA10a - Thracian Infantry, Rhomphaia, skirmish
AMA11 - Imitation Legionaries
AMA12 – Greek Cavalry
AMA13 – Agema Cavalry
AMA14 – Cataphract Cavalry
AMA15 – Tarantine Cavalry
AMA16 - Successor Elephants

We will also be producing our ever-popular army packs using the new codes. You have until Wednesday to get any collection orders in to us, as after that I can't guarantee that we will have the time to do any more.