New Successor codes now available
9th Nov 2023

This is one of those weeks where those pesky, 'technical issues', means that there will be no magic number given out today. The plan is for, 'Normality', to resume next week. In compensation, we have some honest to goodness new releases to tell you about in the form of the resculpted Successor codes.
These replace the older sculpts which have been giving excellent service for the last couple of decades, but which were in need of an upgrade. The new figures have been brought up to modern standards. The range was previewed last week, and some of the new castings have been displayed over the last few weeks. So, this week I would like to showcase the all new Agema cavalry.
These really are lovely models and I really enjoyed painting them especially working with a purple and yellow scheme for the clothing and equipment.

Two new additions are alternative versions of Theuroporoi and Thracian infantry. They are described as 'skirmishers' but there's more to it than that. More than any other period, the definition of some standard troop types in Ancients rules is open to interpretation of the rules writer. Thus, at one end of the extreme, a unit may be treated simply as, 'Spears', or 'Blades', while at the other end of the spectrum, the same bunch of chaps may become, 'Medium armoured, light heavy infantry with a slightly large shield, short sword ,javelins and heavy thrusting spear.'
As a result, I've tried to cover most options by supplying the new Theurophoroi and Thracians with an option to deploy in a looser formation.

We will have all of the new codes with us at the Warfare show this weekend.