In the great big international lottery that is the Baccus running total, this week the magic number is 18040. As usual there may be a couple if numbers prior to this that didn't quite make the post this week, but will be on their way soon. Very importantly, don't despair too much about the numbers in front of your order. We are currently processing a lot of orders for the Pony Wars rules. We are able to turn these round very quickly and they don't need any casting doing, but they do serve to inflate the apparent length of the queue.

To other matters, we are getting ready for the release of our new GNW Swedes at Partizan. In anticipation of this, here is another base of the new figures, in this case, Dragoons in Karpus. These really are a joy to paint!

To wrap up this week, I've been asked to supply some photos of 6mm ancients battles for a publication. I've taken these snaps with my phone, ahead of getting the real camera out, but I think they scrub up quite nicely.