Firstly – we’re able to send overseas items via Royal Mail again, so we’re pretty much back to normal. The service is apparently a little slower than usual (the cyber attack has taken out some of the RM systems used to deal with customs data, so clearing customs is taking a little longer) but otherwise working OK. Huzzah !!

This week we have another 3D printed new vehicle in the 28mm Great War range. This is the US Jeffery Quad, a four-wheel drive vehicle first developed in 1913 to meet a US army requirement. It became one of the most widely used trucks in WW1; initially used by the US army and Marines, the Jeffery was also adopted by both the British and French armies.

Initially known as the Rambler Quadruple after its Rambler 4-cylinder engine, it became the Jeffrey Quad and later the Nash Quad when Nash Motors took over the Jeffrey Company in 1916.

As well as general transport it found use as an ambulance and as a portée in the French army carrying a 75mm gun. When production stopped in 1928 over 41,000 of the trucks had been made, 11,490 of these in 1918 alone.

GW28-203 – Jeffery Quad Truck – £10.00
GW28-203d – Destroyed Jeffery Quad – £10.00

See you at Cavalier on Sunday !