Cheers gamers and friends.

As you may know from elsewhere, we were thrust into a situation where we are forced to move apartments on very short notice, presenting us with considerable unexpected expenses.

A lot of people have stepped up and been incredibly generous which has allowed us to secure a new apartment and cover the expenses involved with that, but as our current landlord has refused all attempts to work out some sort of deal, we’re still forced to pay the rest of our existing lease and penalties accounting for around 4500 dollars.

To help gather up more funds, we’re putting together a mega-sale.

I’ve put together discounts for almost everything Nordic Weasel has made, along with a ton of bundle deals.
If you have been wondering about anything we’ve made or want to throw in some support, please take a look.
These bundles are all 40% off.

If you wish to support us more directly, you can also contribute directly to us through paypal to [email protected]

Once we’re all settled in, I will try to do something cool for you guys in return for all the help and support.

I thank you in advance for all your support. You’ve made my dreams possible.

The bundles are:

The Fivecore bundle, offering all of the main Fivecore gaming material, letting you play everything from skirmish actions to brigade level mass warfare.

The In Sight bundle, offering the three “In Sight” platoon level battle systems for hardcore military action today, tomorrow or in the ruins of mankind's future.

The Five Parsecs bundle, giving you all the content for our highly regarded Five Parsecs solo gaming system.

The Five Leagues bundle, offering you all the content and adventure packs for our gritty, solo fantasy campaign game.

The Solo Gamer bundle, for those of you who don’t want to choose. All the Five Parsecs AND Five Leagues material.
Want to blast space bugs and then go fishing in a medieval village?

The Hammer bundle, containing Squad Hammer and its derivatives. Quick and easy gaming that can be picked up in minutes but lacks none of the tactical challenge you want.

The One-Off bundle, combining 7 of our highly original titles with everything from 6mm scifi warfare to solo RPG rules to black powder mass combat.

The Adventuring Scum bundle, combining all the resources for the pseudo-RPG mini’s games Dungeon Scum and Starport Scum

The Renegade Scout bundle, with everything released for the best Rogue Trader style experience on the market.

And finally the Nordic Weasel Core bundle. If you want a cross section of the core gameplay of the Nordic Weasel experience, this is it. 8 titles that I guarantee will blow your mind.