Warsaw is burning! is the first supplement for Five Men at Kursk.

Offering a new way of doing wargame campaigns, rather than giving you a few prepackaged scenarios, Kursk relies on random tables to generate a potentially infinite amount of scenarios.

The expansion provides the tables to roll up Polish, German and Soviet squads along with their respective support tables, custom-tailored to September 1939.

Tank profiles include vehicles like the 7TP and 20mm armed tankettes.

Included are also special rules to add additional flavour, new terrain and mission objective tables suitable for a campaign game and notes for continuing your campaign into WW2.

* * * * *

Intended for use with Five Men at Kursk, the force generation and support tables are also usable for Five Men in Normandy and FiveCore skirmish.
They could be adapted to other skirmish rules as well, though you'd have to be prepared to do a little more work in that case, since you may lack the built-in campaign rules.

* * * * *