The OKI Corporation are proud to announce they are now shipping OKI PentHab Defence Grids to Kometenmelodie.


These habitation capsules have been designed for use on Kometenmelodie where the threat of attack from indigenous wildlife is very real and ever present.

Razor Hounds and Flak Worms will no longer be a threat to you and your family when you are safe and sound in the new OKI PentHabs.

Tough Luck Doggies
No longer do you need to worry about Junker Insurgents or bandits breaking in during the night.
The OKI PentHab is the ultimate in off-world, off-ground secure living.

The owner simply calls the capsule down via his key, gets inside and raises it up to the docking arm.
Safe as houses, or a penthouse, or indeed a PentHab.

Plus if the owner takes out the OKI Service Package (very reasonable it is too) then the OKI Corporation can lower it remotely from their offices should the owner have misplaced their key.
The OKI service package can also provide a remote security gun system.
This can only be activated when all the capsules are occupied and docked, all 5 capsules have a code which when correctly entered allows the remote sentry guns to open fire on any ground moving target within 50m.
Security keys can be provided which identify the holder as safe to the defence system.

The OKI Corporation is waiting for your order!


Size Matters!