We have two new vehicles for the Pacific Federation (PacFed) in 15mm this week. Both the Quoll and Koala have been in the 6mm range for many years but never made the transition to the larger scale – well now they have.

The Quoll is a large vehicle with a twin railgun turret plus a missile pack on either side of the hull. Although designated a cavalry reconnaissance vehicle, its firepower means that it’s ideal for fast strike missions, being used in hit-and-run attacks on enemy outposts or behind the lines against logistics and command posts.

The Koala shares the same arrowhead grav skirts as the Quoll but with a different body mounting a pair of 10.5cm ECAP guns mounted high up on the superstructure. In its role as a tank destroyer, this allows the vehicle to fire from hull down positions with only the gun mounts in view. An alternative weapons load sees the ECAPs replaced by two Manta missile pods on the Koala-M.

SF15-707 – Quoll Cavalry Vehicle – £8.50
SF15-710 – Koala Tank Destroyer – £8.50

Full disclosure – we somehow forgot to paint a Koala-M, so there are no photos, just the 3D image. But it is available, you can select the missile armament as an option from the product page.