Rommel is Here!

The newest HONOUR tabletop game places you in command of entire divisions, corps, and armies as you make operational decisions involving thousands of men and machines. Rommel allows you to recreate entire major battles, using miniatures and/or "unit cards," as you prefer.

The Rommel game book is a 144-page full color hardback that includes the Basic and Advanced games, plus terrific resources for anyone interested in playing the Second World War at this scale. A typical game lasts 2-3 hours.

Historical Scenarios
The book walks you through the process of creating a scenario using historical orders of battle and maps.

Fictional Armies and Scenarios
An army-creation system includes 14 lists from 6 nations. Eight fictional scenario templates are highly flexible and customizable. A unique points system allows players to field armies of different points values, with the disadvantaged player compensated with various degrees of control over the scenario, terrain, and setup.

Open Architecture
All of the game's values are "open" and can be adjusted by the players. Unit values automatically adjust to whatever changes you wish to make. This allows players to create an infinite number of new army lists for their favorite or specialized forces.

Once they master the game's basic rules, players can use the Advanced Game, which introduces new operations such as airborne or amphibious landings; specialized units and a greater variety of traits for existing units; engineering, mine clearing, and many other possibilities.

Rommel is now available as a book ($40) or a PDF ($20) from the HONOUR Online Store.

Or get the Rommel Bundle: both the book and PDF for only $49!

Need more information? Listen to Sam's podcasts about Rommel to get an idea of what the game is like and how it plays. Or check out the many game accessories on the downloads page, including an entire sample chapter.