Announcing the "Fired Up" sale at Good Ground. Between February 14 and March 6, most Cracker Line and Plank Road figures in firing poses will sell at a 15% discount. The prices are already marked down on the website, so simply visit the site and fire away!

The sale applies to the following codes:

Cracker Line
ACWFR2 Infantry Firing in Frock Coats
ACWUS4 US Infantry Firing in Great Coats
ACWUS6 US Infantry Firing in Sack Coats

Plank Road
PRM9 US Infantry Skirmishing in Forage Caps
PRM10 CS Infantry Skirmishing in Slouch Hats

What if we charge?
OK, I will throw one in for the melee!

PRM7 US Infantry Charging in Forage Caps
PRM8 CS Infantry Charging in Slouch Hats

And what about some artillery support you ask?

ACWGUN1 Gun and crew firing with Barrel Selection
Sprue A – Parrot Rifle, Ordinance Rifle, CS Nap. & US Nap
Sprue B – James Rifle, 6 Pounder, Whitworth & Wiard Rifle

The target is in sight, so give em hell boys!
Visit our site for details.