Welcome to the Scummer:

A collection of gaming content for both Starport Scum and Dungeon Scum.
The focus of this pack is to add new gaming content: Ideas and gadgets that can be put right on to your gaming table.
Included are:

*3 new magical treasures for Dungeon Scum.
*3 new technological gadgets for Starport Scum.
*A new Job for Starport Scum.
*Totally-not-Jedi powers for Starport Scum (though they could be used in Dungeon as well)
*4 new monsters usable in either game.
*Two new player character races for both games.
*Gaming advice on setting up and running "Scum" scenarios.
*10 somewhat zany instant plot ideas for each system.

Where previous expansion packs have focused on variant rules, options and new systems, this is aimed squarely at gaming content that can be put on your gaming table right this second.
We've labelled it Issue 1 to open up the possibility of future instalments.