Have you been considering trying Aurelian, the new game about the Crisis of the Third Century, but you don't have any figures for the Romans, Persians, Germans, or Sarmatians? These unit tiles are the perfect solution.

The Tiles are printed on thick glossy card stock, the same as all playing cards for HONOUR games. They contain color photographs of the units and all the game information you need to play. You can now carry an Aurelian game anywhere, literally in your pocket, and set it up in seconds. If you buy plastic card protector sleeves, you can even mark disruptions directly on the cards and thus avoid using any markers. This is a great solution for people interested in trying out the newest HONOUR game. An entire army now costs less than one box of miniatures.

The four Aurelian armies range in price from $18-20. To order them now, go to DriveThruCards 

For more information about Aurelian, including sample chapters and free downloads, go to: www.sammustafa.com