Ready your blasters, Unity Field Agent is here.

Unity Field Agent is a space opera war-game for 10-12 figures on each side.

Features include:

Simple unit profiles. Each unit is defined by 5 numerical ratings (Yes, a Nordic Weasel Title with stats!)

Dice rolls use minimal modifiers. You can look at your troop roster and see exactly what you need to roll in almost all cases.

A card driven system that makes the turn sequence unpredictable without taking control completely away from the player.

This combines with the Action system to create a dynamic flow of the battle.

*A leader runs forward before dropping to his knee to take an aimed shot.

*The sniper calmly sights her rifle, prepared for the enemy to break cover.

*A wounded trooper crawls to safety while their comrades lay down suppressing fire.

All possible without complicated mechanics to remember.

In addition to the core game rules, easily summarized on a single reference sheet, you also receive a card-driven random event system (for players that like some chaos in their battle) and a complete set-up sequence that lets you build a custom battle field and scenario, simply by drawing a few playing cards from a deck.

Want army lists?

You get no less than three, complete with points values, intended for pick-up play:

Fringe-Spacers for all your outlaw scoundrel needs, the proud K’Erin warrior race and the enforcers of mankind: The titular Unity Agents.

Want different ways to play the game?

Set up a pick-up game in Encounter mode using the provided army lists.

Track the experience of your characters in Squad mode and level up as you play.

Use the tools in Story mode to forge an overall narrative surrounding your battles.

Want to make your own scenarios?

We give you generic troop types and weapons to put together a variety of characters and critters for non-competitive games, as well as tools to build scenarios with unique tasks and objectives.

Want to make the game your own?

Of course, we always include lots of rules options, giving you suggestions on how to customize almost any aspect of the game.

Want to know WHO all these guys are and WHY they are fighting?

Enjoy the included setting and world information or grab your favorite figures off the shelf and make your own.

Did I mention it all fits in (juuuust) under 100 pages with the troop record sheet and reference sheet?