Slightly later than advertised, I'm more than delighted to announce the release of seven new packs of new 28mm miniatures for our Renaissance range. The new miniatures are the first full TAG release in a year, following on from the English Tudor minis, which these French are the natural opponents.

The new minis are all the cavalry necessary for the a French army in the middle of the 16th Century, which includes the later parts of the Great Italian Wars and the wars at home in France, from the reorganisation of Francis I army in the 1530's, for a generation until the middle of the 1560's.

The full details are as follows;

REN450 Francis I, Jean de Dinteville and staff

REN451 Valois French Gendarme with lance

REN452 Valois French Gendarme Command

REN453 Valois French Gendarme with side arms

REN454 Valois French Argoulets standing

REN455 Valois French Argoulet Command

REN456 Valois French Argoulets firing and loading

These cavalry packs retail at £10.60 each but for those that don't mind sacrificing a little choice for a better deal, I have also added our popular Unit Builders for these troop types. Their details are as follows;

REN-SB210 Valois French Gendarme unit builder

REN-SB211 Valois French Argoulet unit builder

For those interested I will be adding pictures of the infantry for this army to our Workbench Feature next week.