I know it's taken more time than it should, but I'm delighted to be able to announce that the bulk of the support weapons are now available for the British, US and German forces.

You can find more details here

Judging by the reaction of customers at Salute and the empty boxes we took home, these will prove to be extremely popular. The instant feedback that we've had is that you really like the single base approach we have adopted for the MGs and mortars and we certainly intend to continue and refine this system.

There are still a few gaps, notably in the US range, but we are well on with these and they will be turning up in the next few weeks.

Work is already well advanced on more releases in this range, with artillery and more infantry and support weapons already sculpted with more being planned.

More new releases for another period coming up next week, but I'll finish off with a quick note on the Joy of Six 2016.

We have two new traders coming this year, and there will be even more games on show than 2015 with applications arriving daily. There'll be a much more detailed update very soon, so if you are going to only get to one show this year, make it a good one and book your day off for July 17th!